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Pumpkin Peeps

I have been reading Beth's blog,The Stories of A to Z for a while, and I already knew I liked her, but her post from yesterday solidified it for me.

He boys wanted Halloween cupcakes. (Those are your first two clues that we would get along, cupcakes, and her kids wanting a Halloween themed treat before we hit October). She didn't feel like baking (see, we are almost like twins!) so she came up with these little cuties:

She made her own version of Peeps! (sugar coated marshmallows). Again, anyone that will let their kids eat sugar coated sugar in the name of a holiday is alright with me! And last but not least, they are SO EASY! (right up my alley!) You have to go check out the tutorial here.


AngiDe said...

Hi, stopping by from SITS!!

Those little pumpkins are super cute! We love Halloween at our place too ;)

I hope you'll come by and check out my GIVEAWAY going on!!

Nana's Box

Unknown said...

you are kidding me! of course i would find something like this here!!

these are so great i am going to do them for my grandkids this weekend..

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Thanks friend! I'm so glad I solidified our friendship with my unhealthy-kiddo-treats :).


Jennifer said...

They are so cute! Extra bonus - easy to make!!

Anonymous said...

We're planning on making marshmallows ourselves, so I can save an extra step by coloring the marshmallows. I love saving steps...