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Crafty in the Kitchen

Our Best Bites is one of my favorite baking blogs. But recently she posted a fun Halloween craft she made with tissue paper, Mod Podge, and mason jars:

I have seen the pumpkins before, but I love how she finished off the set. You can check out her tutorial here.


Jennie Bender said...

So cute, I may use this for my preschool class and make snowmen--smaller jars of course=D

Hey, here is something we made with my little class and my girls that you might like. Enjoy! Thanks for all the links. I really liked this one! I love fun and simple!

Brittany said...

I was just going to make these. Thanks for the additional ideas they are so cute! I love your blog, you have so many great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this idea! I totally made it. But I added glitter. lol. It's on my blog at if you'd like to see it. :)