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Lunchtime in the Laundry Room - Sept. 29

This laundry room from Country Living might have the coolest ironing board ever.

It is in a drawer! And I bet it doesn't make the squeaky sound that ours makes when you unfold it! Someone remind me to spray it with some WD-40 (which you can actually use to get grease out of your laundry...but that is a different post).

I also love the laundry hamper. I wonder if it is actually meant to be a hamper of if it is some antique something or other that they are using for a laundry hamper?

You won't find the cool ironing board or the fancy laundry hamper in my current laundry room...but here are some things you will find:
When I first saw these 3 in 1 laundry sheets from Purex I thought really? Is it that hard to put your detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheet in separately? That was before I had a husband that was living out of a hotel in Texas. Today he did his first load of laundry away from home (and maybe his first load of laundry ever). These are not only easy for him to use, but easy for him to store.

They would be great for college kids too or anyone that is using a laundry mat!

And I am currently in love with this little diddy:

Again, another item that I thought was over simplifying a process, but I ended up really liking. I tried it only because I got a really good coupon for it and figured it was worth a shot. I have a habit of wasting dryer sheets because I throw one in before I toss the clothes in and then can't remember if I put one in or not, so I toss in another just in case. Now I don't' have to worry about it. But what I like the most is it works, but isn't overly fragrant. I don't feel like I am going to pass out from dryer sheet fumes when I open the box.


Tauni said...

What a cool idea. It seems like my ironing board is always in the way no matter how I try to store it.
It is actually a little sad, a little bent, from having been relocated so many times.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I HATE that death squeak sound my ironing board makes when I open/close it! Thanks for the WD-40 reminder. I'll see if dh has some...on the other hand, it's a good excuse not to use the ironing board.

Unknown said...

I have a really cool laundry room, with one of those little puppies in the wall behind a "closet-like" door. It is simply wonderful, if you only have to iron barbie clothes!!! I still have the squeaky kind that I actually use.

Amber said...

I loved everything in your post today! I'm loving that Bounty bar thingy, too. It has just the right amount of scent. When I first saw those all in one laundry sheets, the first thing I thought of was hotel living. My DH sometimes has to stay in hotels for extended periods of time for work and those look perfect for that.

Lisa Anne said...

I think that is so cool. I like this one!!

Miss G said...

Lorie, thanks so much for coming over and reading and commenting about San Diego! I really appreciate all of your suggestions!

Okay, that ironing board is rocking!!! I wonder how they did that.

p.s. I have seen the hamper things many times at antique stores, etc. and I do think that was it's original use but I could also be mistaken.

mommieof4munchkins said...

I love love love the bounce bar and I send the sheets with my husband when he is on the ship (Navy) he loves that it is so easy!

mary said...

My ironing board isnt squeaky because I DONT HAVE ONE! A hot dryer takes care of 99.99% of wrinkles. I do have an ironing pad and the same used iron i got in college, yes, 22 years ago. Still works! {my mom is ashamed of me}
those detergent sheets are great for camping too! tried them at home and they didnt get my kids stains out.
maybe i will try the bounce bar!

Gwen said...

I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now. I'm terrible, I read and click and read and click, not taking the time to comment. I decided to change that tonight. ;) Love that ironing board drawer! And I just have to say that I thought I was special with my squeaky ironing board. You mean mine isn't the only one that could wake the dead when I unfold it? I always forget to spray it...

Anonymous said...

My daughter took the "three-in-one" sheets on a trip to Africa this summer. They were worries about liquid coming open and spilling in her suitcase and very light weight!