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Lunchtime in the Laundry Room - Halloween Edition

Yes, you read that right! Even the laundry post today is Halloween themed! I thought finding something laundry related to post about would be hard. But I was wrong! All you have to do is type Halloween Laundry Room into Google and things ACTUALLY come up!

Seriously, what did people do before Google? I can't remember!

I found this fun guide for Halloween Stain removal. Great tips for getting out face paint, red punch, candy, and all of the other scary stains you might encounter!

And directions on how to make these really cute costumes:
A fun crafts for kids using recycled laundry detergent bottles:

And last but not least, this laundry room from Country Living:

Still not sure why THAT came up. Nothing scary about it at all! But it is the fifth link!

So there you have it. You can blog about Halloween and Laundry!

And remember there are two more days to leave a comment on my 'please help me win a washer and dryer' post. Thank you!


Lisa Anne said...

The laundry detergent bottle thing is so cute. Ours are green, booooo. No way a family was an entire laundry room as a costume theme. Totally classic and cute. lol

I love October and Halloween. Come see my Halloween spooktacular!!

Anonymous said...

How fun is that detergent bottle! Too cute!
pk @ room remix

Family said...

Too cute

~Nancy~ said...

Very, very cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh that laundry room is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY lady. I love it!

Miss G said...

greatness! I love them! Kelly

Myrnie said...

Such cute costumes, and that stain list is great!

Now have so many comments, I'm curious what the competition looks like ;)