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The "I Will Do Your Laundry" Giveaway!!

Okay, remember how I told you if I won this:

from them:

that I would do a load of your laundry? Fold it and everything! Well I wasn't kidding. But I thought I would give you an option!!

If I win the new washer and dryer, I will pick a winner of my own from one of the comments and they will get their choice of prizes. Either a load of laundry done by me in my new washer and dryer, or a package of some of my favorite laundry products. A laundry room care package of sorts!! My favorite detergent and stain remover and fabric softener and any other laundry themed goodies I can think to throw in the box!!

(And honestly, to keep the shipping cheap, I will probably just send you a $50 gift card to your local favorite shopping place and a list of my favorite things! ;D)

To enter, you must go and read this post about THE HEART OF MY HOME and leave a comment. That is all! You can enter as many times as you want! And you don't have to do anything other than comment!!

Contest ends October 2 at midnight (Eastern)