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Greyson's Gift

In honor of her son Greyson, Meryntha is collecting small blankets (12x12 and 24x24) to donate to hospitals.

Hospitals all across the country are in need of small, very small, baby blankets. In cases of fetal demise, babies are so tiny, even the smallest nursery blanket is much too big to wrap around their tiny bodies.
You can read more about Greyson's Gift here. Including the details you will need if you would like to participate.

Small projects are always my favorite because they are fun to start (like all projects) and easy to finish. And I think this cause is a very touching one. I hope any of you that are interested will go and check out the details.


Missy said...

I am on that one. Going to check it out now.


Cynthia said...

We recieved some beautiful quilts for our premature twins. My sister recieved the tiny blanket you're talking about when she lost her baby, Savannah, to stillbirth.

I'm off to check it out!

Kacey said...

Sounds like a great cause. I am going to check out all of the details. We donate blankets, hats, and onsies to our NICU every year during Christmas and I always make a donation on the Twinkies' birthday. Everything that our NICU has is based on donations. It may sound silly to some, but to walk in to the NICU and see your babies wrapped in a beautiful blanket or dressed in a sweet outfit, made it a little easier - like it was some sort of normalcy or proof {for lack of a better word} that they were being well taken care of.

vibs said...

thank you so much for your help and support!

Jared and Delia said...

I want to do this in my area. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I've never thought of this before - thanks so much for sharing a great idea on doing something altruistic! It's a project to keep in mind when I start to teach my kids to sew and they're not capable of doing much more than straight lines.

Melissa said...

This is such a great cause. My mother runs a quilt group that makes about 150 quilts for the preemies at the local hospitals. She also makes baptism/burial gowns as well. She is a woman with a big heart.