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Amy from The Idea Room made this really cute Frankenstein for Halloween:

Isn't it cute! Or scary? Whatever the appropriate response to a Halloween decoration is. Now just imagine how cute/scary/whatever but you must have it the walkway to your house would be if it was lit up with this:

And I am thinking that you could get a longer glass block and do the bride of Frankenstein. And you could make ghosts and jack-o-lanterns and all sorts of fun Halloween themed things and make enough to stretch from the sidewalk to your door.

You can check out the tutorial (and find out how super easy it is to make these cute block) here at The Idea Room.


Room to Inspire said...

Great idea, these would be great outside for the tricker-treaters!


Kelly said...

I saw this when she posted it and I WANT IT. No hardware store and no craft store in a 30 mile radius sells those glass blocks. Where can I get them?

Barrett said...

I love them!