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Autumn Flower Box

So I found this cute flower box from Martha a while ago and had it saved for November. Isn't it CUTE:

image from Martha Stewart

Doesn't that get you in the mood for Fall? No? Well it was all set and ready to go for about a month from now, but ever since I got home from Texas my computer has decided that it hates me. So I am going to be spending the night trying to get it to fall in love with me again.

Wish me luck, and enjoy Martha's pretty Festive Fall Flower box. Or Amazing Autumn Arrangement. An alliteration always makes me feel better.


Amie said...

have I ever discussed with you how I hate orange and fall decorations and pumpkins and all the dead dead dead things people decorate with this time of year?

And for the record, my husband thinks I'm completely crazy for being the only person in the universe who didn't like the Wild Things book. Maybe I'll have to pick it up again...

Devri said...

I love it!

Just wanted to drop a comment and tell you thank you for all you do on your blog, you make the world prettier, one post at a time!

thanks a loyal stalker!

Beth P. said...

That is a great Fall decoration! I wish I had a spot to put a flower box so I could decorate one like it. I could do something outside, but the likelihood my dog would eat the things in it is very high.

Alliteration makes me happy too. :-)
Visiting from SITS. Happy Wednesday!

Love the Decor! said...

Love the box I see it with Christmas greens and ornaments and beads draped out of it for December
Imagine all the possibilities

Becky DeVries said...

Great Window box. I would use it as a table centerpiece it looks soo good. WOnderful blog. I have been following just for a little bit but love it!




McVal said...

That is so pretty. I would probably use it for a table centerpiece too.