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Art Apron

Exactly a year ago (okay, exactly a year ago from a week from now, but that doesn't sound as cool) so exactly a year ago I posted about this cute art apron from Grace Violet:

Well yesterday I found this cute art apron on Craftzine:

Care from Obsessively Stitching made it out of a dishtowel! And not only do I want the apron for Lou La, I want those dishtowels!

Go check out her picture tutorial here. It looks REALLY doable! Like if you have a sewing machine but are afraid to use it, I bet you could do it! And Christmas is right around the corner, so if you have a little artist in your house, this apron along with one of these really inexpensive easels ($14.99 at Ikea and the other side is a chalkboard!!) would be a pretty great present!


Pam said...

Those aprons are so sweet. What a great gift idea! Thanks for stipping by my blog. I appreciate it! Love all your great crafty ideas here. I am hopeless when it comes to crafts. Now I'm just jealous!

Katie said...

I really like the combo crayon holder slash craft apron. Great idea, and Ikea sells very inexpensive dry erase markers. I bet a set in that apron instead of the crayons with a easel would be a great gift.

Sheila said...

Great idea!! We all love crafts & we could use some of those aprons.