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Star Cupcakes

These cute star cupcakes from Inchmark Journal were made for a rocket ship birthday party, but the idea is really easy to steal for the 4th of July:

Regular cupcakes frosted white, decorated sugar cookies and a stick. You can check out this post on tips for baking cookies with a lollipop stick.


Farmgirl Paints said...

Yummo!!! I love me some cupcakes:)

Jen @ said...

So cute! I just got a cupcake stand from Crate & Barrel this weekend. How cute would those be? Thanks!


Anonymous said...

oh I love cupcakes! I think they are something you never outgrow loving!

Lorie said...


A cupcake stand from Crate & Barrel = :D

junko said...

so cute!! What a simple but classy cupcake! cupcakes are the greatest!