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Marshmallow Art

Cutest idea from The Decorated Cookie:

She used Gourmet Writers (edible pens that use food coloring) to decorate marshmallows. I know the little artists in my house would think this was way too fun.

And if you are a little more talented than I am, you can even recreate Monet's Water Lilies:

Meaghan is much more talented than I could ever hope to be!


Sara said...

I don't really like marshmallows all that much (although my offspring do) but I love this in a way that borders on the irrational...

JennyMac said...

that is TOO cute. I have not heard of these pens but we have a 2 year old and I LOVE fabulous ideas for baking/cooking. Thank you!

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

Ha ha - That's Brilliant!! Love it!!