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Flip Flop Cookies

Some Nutter Butters and frosting and you have these flip flop cookies:

Don't these cookies from A Little Loveliness make you want to have a beach party!

Or if ballet is more your style, dip the Nutter Butters in pink candy melts and you have ballet slippers:

Or you can go blue and make soccer cleats:

I love the chocolate chips on the bottom that make the cleats!!


Kari Sweeten said...

LOVE the flip flop cookies!! SUPER CUTE!

Unknown said...

What a cute idea!


Janell said...

So cute. The flip flop cookies looks like something I could make.

Lynn said...

It would be fun to try them with string licorice. You could use frosting "cement" and put them together, with sprinkles or red sugar glitter, etc. for decor.

Cynthia said...