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Embroidered Lampshade

The Farm Chicks posted these embroidered lampshades from Ikea:
And my first thought was, I haven't been to Ikea in a while! I must GO! But my second thought was, you could probably make that yourself. Maybe not the exact desings, but with a cheap lampshade and some embroidery floss I am pretty sure you could stich up your own design. Just draw one on with pencil (or trace one on that someone else drew!) anduse a backstitch:

You can check out a tutorial for a backstitch here.

Now if you LOVE the design of this one, it is Ikea, so it isn't that expensive. But if you want to give another pattern a try then I definitely think it is something you could do by yourself!


Kristina P. said...

Gorgeous. Mine would look like one of those cake wrecks that look nothing like the original.

Amie said...

cute! way too much work to make it, but cute!

Unknown said...

Have you managed to make one? If you have a pink room design, try placing this on a small table. I'm sure it'll look amazing.


Lynn said...

I think some fabric paint and spray-adhesive for the appliques would be way easier and still cute. But would it hold up to the heat? I think it would; people use hot glue one lamp shades.

Lorie said...

Amie, that is because you have boys! ;D

Lorie said...

Lynn, the applique idea is a cute one!!