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Pink Peony Popcorn Balls

Martha added some tissue paper leaves to a pink popcorn ball to make it look like a peony. It is a pretty pink popcorn peony. Sorry. I had to say that! But if you are having a princess party or a tea party or just about any party where you are looking for a pink snack these might come in handy.


Mrs Anne said...

um hi, you're adorable.
let's make treats.
sing really loud.
and craft.

Melody said...

So the green tissue paper doesn't leak color/dye onto the popcorn ball?

Aimee said...

That's a fun little treat! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

You had asked about a tutorial on the skirt-to-dress project. Well, I just sort of fly by the seat of my pants and do it - no pattern or instructions. Sorry! I pretty much just take in the side seam and use the left over fabric to make the straps.

Anonymous said...

Well, pretty pink popcorn peony is cuter than Peter Piper picked a peck know. Popcorn doesn't last long enough around me to make this; I just want to buy some from somebody else. ;)

Stephenie said...

Those peony popcorn balls look so yummy...I would love to make these..Thanks for sharing..