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Carnival Cupcakes

Carnival Parties seem to be all the rage right now.  And being a lover of popcorn and cotton candy I can't say that I mind.  If you are thinking of throwing a carnival themed party any time soon, you might want to think about making these cupcakes:

I found them on Cucpakes Take The Cake, but they were created by House of Sweets Bakery.

The popcorn and cotton candy are my favorites, but they are all cute!  Especially the big top!


The Adventure of Linds and Lyds! said...

I just got Hello Cupcake, a cupcake making book, and they have the CUTEST popcorn cupcakes! I think you'd like the book!

Anonymous said...

I am SO wanting to have a cupcake right now...think I may have to make some tomorrow. Nothing as gorgeous as these, but as far as my taste buds go, I can just pop cake crumbs and squeeze icing directly into my mouth.

Barefoot Studios Ok, LLC said...

These would have been perfect for the circus themed party my sister had for my nephews 1st birthday!! She had some really cute ideas though, you can see the post about it on my blog.

Anonymous said... I'm hungry for something sweet!

Shellie said...

lorie I'm having a primary carnival on saturday these would be perfect!

Shellie said...

I got the supplies! I'm making them for Saturday! I'll take pics and email them to you!

Shellie said...

made them! they were awesome! I'll send a picture your way this week!

THANK YOU for always having the best ideas and inspiring me to try new things out!


Miss G said...

There are some REALLY cute carnival things at Hobby Lobby right now! Kelly