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Let's Talk About Blogging: Searching

Hey, remember these posts! Yeah, I know it has been forever. But I had something I had to share with you.

I am guessing that MOST of you already know this, but I had NO IDEA! So I am going to pretend that at least some of you didn't know this little piece of info either!.

I have been trying to add a search widget to my blog forever. I wanted you (and me) to be able to find old posts easily. Like recipes with peanut butter and chocolate in them. But the widget never worked for me.

Then a couple of days ago I looked up on the top of my blog. On the top left. Where there is a search box. Where you can type in peanut better and chocolate and *BAM* you get all the posts about peanut butter and chocolate.

Please tell me I am NOT the only blogger who didn't realize that was there. Even if you have to lie.


Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

uh.... yeah! Yeah! Sure.... I NEVER knew that little search box was there... Thanks for letting me know!

(am totally going to search your blog for peanut butter and chocolate now.)

Xazmin said...

Okay, I'll lie. I NEVER knew that! Thanks for sharing!

Bryce and Britt said...

Hmm..I never knew that either!! Nice to know!!

Lorie said...

Thank you for playing along! ;D

Vivienne, I have another recipe coming up soon!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I LIKE Make-believe!

OMG...for reals? I never ever knew that there was a search button right up there! Must be magic! *grins*

Annie said...

oh man, even i knew that! and i don't know anything...sorry, i have to rub it in. you are the blogging queen for heaven's sake!

Annie said...

it's ok i'll still go swimming with you!

Unknown said...



I didnt know that either



Jan said...

I am shocked that I already knew that. One victory for me. 12,000 to go. :)

Valerie said...

Well I feel stupid. I thought that was for searching for someone else's blog. Really I did. Otherwise I wouldn't have the little search widget down on my right sidebar. Dang it! I hate feeling stupid!

Seriously though I really didn't know and thanks!! I'm gonna move my widget on the sidebar now. lol

Lorie said...

Annie! Why didn't you tell me!

And Valerie, at least you knew it was THERE!! ;D

TidyMom said...

LOL took me a while to realize that too!!!

wonder why you can't get one on your page


Molly said...

OK. I thought it was for searching for another blog too. Put me in the "Lives Under A Rock" category.

Katie said...

I had no idea!!

This is my birthday present. I can't tell you how many times I've searched through your blog or others looking for a recipe or some decorating idea I found some while back...

Of course, when I'm on YOUR blog I don't mind doing it. Yours is the MOST fun to surf!

Thanks for the tip!!

Alisha said...

I just found it a few days ago! I don't know if I count, though, since I only recently entered the blogging world. I was actually browsing through random blogs and saw the search box and thought, aha! A way to search for new blogs! But, as soon as I realized that it would only let me search items in the blog I was currently on, I was a bit disappointed. Is there no way to search for blogs related to your own interests? I'm hoping that there is, but that its one of those things where I cant see whats in front of my face, lol.