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Flower and Bird Garland

This Totally Tabletops tutorial (that is an alliteration...I *heart* alliterations!) is too cute. I couldn't think of a word that started with 't'. Sorry. I have failed you. And actually, I saw it on Totally Tabletops, but the tutorial actually came from Once Wed. But that is less fun to say.

So here is the garland:

And it is made from "Million Star" Gypsophilia that you might know as baby's breath and some sting, paper and wire. I think it would look beautiful without the birds too. But that might be because I have never caught on to the bird craze!

And here is the how to:

Before you get started on the garland, unwrap your bunch of Gypsophelia, trim the stems and place in warm water. Allow the flowers to drink for a couple of hours before proceeding.
1. Take your floral clippers, and trim all of the flower tufts off the end of the sprays, leaving just a little stem. (see figure 1)
2. Cut a 7 foot length of fabric coated wire. Twist the end of the wire to make a little loop at the end.
3. Take a tuft of Baby's Breath, and lay it on your support wire, just past the loop. Pick up your wire spool, and wrap the wire around the flower stem and support wire. (see figure 2)
4. Add another tuft, this time to the back side of the wire, and wrap again.
5. Keep adding the flower tufts, alternating front and back, and work your way down the wire. (see figure 3)
6. When you reach the end of the wire, cut the spool away and wrap the wire around the garland end several times to secure. Make a loop on the end with your support wire. Trim your flower stems to make the end of the garland tidy. (see figure 4)
To keep your garland fresh, coil it up, mist it lightly with water, and place it inside a plastic garbage bag. Put it in your refrigerator, or in the coolest spot available. It should stay fresh for 24-48 hours depending where you keep it.
7. Print out the bird template on a sheet of card stock. Cut out the birds, and trace them onto your decorative paper. ( I used 10 pairs for a six foot garland)
8. Cut all of your birds out, and punch a small hole in the middle of each bird's back. (see figure 5)
9. Cut a length of string about 14 inches long, and tie a bird to each end. (see figure 6)
10. Hang your garland from the wire loop ends and hang your birds over the garland, spacing them evenly apart. (see figure 7)
And here is their bird template in case you want to make this or anything else with birds!


Amy said...

I love the baby's breath garland! I think it would also look cute with stars, or anything else that matches the decor. I can't wait to try this.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I can just see this at a baby shower! lovely idea.

Mandi @ Sweetly Home said...

This is so wonderful!