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Class Party

I love being the 'chairperson' for the end of the year party.  It is always the most fun to plan because you can get them all sugared up and crazy!

This year we are going to play:

The categories are:

Mrs. V - questions about their teacher, like what is her first name and where did she grow up

School Days - questions about what they learned this year, vocabulary, spelling, etc.

Room 24 - questions about their class, how many times have they won the school spirit award, who had perfect attendance for the year

Field Trips - questions about the field trip they took this year, like was their bus driver a man or a woman, what parents attended the symphony with them

Summer Vacation - questions about non school related things, like movies that are coming out over the summer, popular summer vacations, etc.

And for Final Jeopardy...

On what date does school start next year!

It is going to be fun...but not as much fun as the candy relay.

Each row is a team, and each team takes turns (they are timed so everyone else can watch) completing the tasks. The first person has to move M&Ms from their desk to a cup by sucking through a straw. Then the next person has to eat licorice without their hands, use chopsticks to eat five gummy worms, and so on. It should be a lot of fun and just the right amount of sugar!

And then we will get in my car and drive home to the sound of our Summer Sound Track. 


Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

Sounds like a great party!!! My kids' last day of school isn't until June 11th.

Lorie said...

We go back in mid August here, but I am glad to be done for the year!

Brynn said...

Those sound like such fun & creative activities! I'll have to remember these in a few weeks!

Stephenie said...

What a fun game. The kids are going to love it..I miss doing my sons school parties...

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a lot of fun!

Unknown said...

i loved playing jeoparady when i was in school. candy relay sounds like fun.

Erin said...

Love your ideas. May I ask what else you did for the candy relay? I would like to play with my class but am having trouble coming up with enough ideas.