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Signing Time App

I had a chance to review the new Signing Time App for the Iphone/Ipod Touch. Go check out my review here.

If you have heard of Signing Time then I am sure you have already clicked the link! If you haven't and have young kiddos, go! Go now! You will thank me for it!

PS - Have any of you ever heard the phrase millie mux? I am thinking it is just something my family used, but wanted to make sure. What do you think millie mux means? I can't wait to hear your answers!


Anonymous said...

I have never heard of the phrase "millie mux" I'm sure it means "hairy scary"

Amanda in GA said...

Love the App! I am learning ASL right now and I could wish that the websites that I go to for help would have fun music like that :)

Hummm "millie mux" Will you use that in a sentence please ;)
I would guess it mean in a quandary

Amie said...

never heard of millie mux but we are big signing time fans over here. Did you know I was an ASL interpreter for 7 years? I quit after Ethan was born so I could stay home with my kids, and thus daycare was born.

Andrea said...

LOL We're actually watching Signing Time right now. As for millie mux...I have no idea.

Unknown said...

No idea what millie mux is. Looking forward to an explanation, though!