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Patterned Cupcake Liners

These make me want to bake cupcakes:

Don't they remind you of Easter Eggs! Unfortunately you can only get them in this cupcake kit:

It is a great kit, but it comes with things (like pastry bag and tips) that I already have. So I now have to find these super cute cupcake liners without the extras? Anyone have any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I love them! I want to get into making more "decorated" cupcakes. I made some recently and they turned out awesome.
those would be perfect for easter

and look for something on my site just for you today

Unknown said...

So cute. With cupcakes being so "hot" right now, I bet there are other sources, I just don't happen to know any of them. :)

♥Lisa♥ @ FinalScore:Boys3Girls2 said...

etsy... Saw some cute ones.

Kristina P. said...

Mmmmmm, cupcakes.

Just Be Happy said...

Yes, I have an idea, there is a website called "Bake it Pretty" and there are tons of cute stuff there, including linings.



Jodi Nelson said...

ooh of course; fancy flours. Great people to work with. A little tip though, I make many cupcakes, and very few patterned cupcake papers keep their cute appearance after being baked. So bake them in a plain wrapper and double wrapper them with the cute patterned papers. Looks very cute and sorta ruffely. ooxx`jodi

Vicky H. said...

There is a company called Country Kitchen Sweetart. They sell tons of baking items and they have a lot of different cupcake papers. Go to and they will send you a free catalog with everything you will need for candy/cake making and party ideas.

tammy said...

Hobby Lobby (if you have one) has some really cute ones for Easter. Not exactly like this, but cute enough that I had to grab a few of them when I was there.

LunaMoonbeam said...

LOL - I wanted to help you out, so I went to etsy and searched for "cupcake liners". Umm...did you know that there are a LOT of cloth menstrual pads, with cupcakes on them, on etsy?


kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

i've seen stuff like this in the past -- i thought at the grocery store?

it's the kind of thing you can never find when you're looking for it. cute, though!