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You Warm My Heart

Remember this idea I posted about from Martha:

image from Martha Stewart

I just saw on Baking Bites that you can buy a package with two heart shaped marshmallows from Fred Flare for $8:

Or you could make a ton of them for pretty darn cheap by putting your favorite hot cocoa mix and some marshmallows with hearts cut out of them into a sandwich bag and stapling a similar cute sentiment to the top!!


Karies place said...

MMMMM Yummy!!

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

I love Fred Flare! I shop there alot!

Myrnie said...

Oh, that would be a fun valentine!

BTW, I finally made that heart garland we spoke about- blogged about it yesterday :)

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy!

Krystal said...

Wow! $8 for two marshmallows seems a little pricey to me! :) They are cute though. I might just try cutting out little hearts in mine this Valentines day...but I have no idea how to make my own marshmallows, so I'll be flattening them with a rolling pin.