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What To Do With All Those Valentine's

If your kids are anything like my daughter, they will come home tomorrow with a million little store bought Valentine's and each one will be so special that she will want to keep it forever.

And if you are anything like me you will want to throw them away when she isn't looking.

But if they are like here, they will realize they are gone and it will all be down hill from there.

So this year we are going to do this:

It won't be as cute as this wreath from William Sonoma ,unless the kids in her class all give vintage Valentines. I am not holding my breathe. I have a feeling it will have a lot of princesses and other assorted cartoon characters on it. But it is a project she will love, it will keep them in one place, and they will be easier to toss in a couple of days!

Don't tell her I said that!

What do you do with all the fun Valentine's goodies your kids bring home tomorrow?


nikkicrumpet said...

That's a very cute idea! And I'll bet she'll notice when it goes missing lol

Lorie said...

She will! I will let her have it in her room for a few days first...but eventually it will have to go! Maybe I can convince her I am just putting it away with the other Valentine's Decorations!!

Renee said...

Wait a couple of days and sneak them into the garbage! So glad to hear I'm not the only one.

Tara Bennett said...

This is SO fantastic. I love it!

That Girl said...

I was shaking my head at your whole post. It would be SUCH a tragedy to throw them all away. you know, like the halloween candy we still have that hasnt been touched in months. gross, I know.

angela said...

one of my friend's little girls came home from kindergarten and had a six or so page book (made from construction paper that was stapled together) that she had just glued her valentines in, about four to a page. i thought that was a great idea. She was also given a big Ziploc bag to hold all the candy in, so she could just throw away all the envelopes.

The Phillips Place said...

Neat! I admit to chucking them as soon as I can. Except for the ones that are a coupon for a FREE DONUT AT KRISPY KREME!!! Best kid Valentine ever! :)

But now I have a purpose for the ones that aren't good for donuts as well :). And I won't have to dig below the banana peels and coffee grounds to hide them all the way in the bottom of the garbage can.