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More Chalkboard Stuff

I feel sort of obsessed with chalkboards at the moment! And I really don't love chalk dust all that much! But that is one of the reasons I like these!

This is a chalkboard mat:

You can buy these at Baby Browns, but I also found a tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets. Did you know that you can buy chalkboard cloth! Now I want to make a chalkboard apron! I wonder if you can wash chalkboard cloth? I will have to find that out!

Even if you can't wash it, you can at least take it outside to clean it! No chalk dust in the house!!

And if don't sew, you can still just unroll it and use it as a table cloth like they did at Remodelista! Then roll your chalkboard up when you are done:

And back to the paint...I also found this from Cathie Filian:

a globe! How fun is that! It makes me want to go to a garage sale and find a globe! It also has me thinking what other fun things you could paint! I think the outside of a journal or old book would be fun!

I wonder if they sell chalkboard paint in the 5 gallon buckets! Someone stop me before I go to Home Depot!


Coffee with Cathy said...

What great ideas! When my two 20-something daughters were little, I put a sheet of chalkboard-paper on the refrigerator at their sitting height and it kept them busy during many mommy's-fixing-supper-right-now moments. You've reminded me to make sure my older daughter knows about this for her 11-month-old fast-growing son.

Heather said...

Such great ideas. I am sure you know about these already, but here's the link just in case!
You can buy 2 sheets in lots of different colors and cut them into any shape...just peel and stick. I haven't used them yet, but the purple has my 6 year old excited!

Lorie said...

Heather! No I had not seen those before! And now I am in love!

Unknown said...

I must get a can of chalkboard spray paint, ooh the possibilities!

Amy said...

Hate chalk dust too, but these ideas are too cute! Globe's my favorite. Challenging for little hands!

Amy said...

That is so cool! I love the globe idea. Just because it is awesome.