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Academy Awards Party

My Hubby's aunt Candy used to live close by. There are a million reasons why we loved having her close by, but this time of year I miss her Oscar Party.

She threw the best bash! Fun food, costumes, and games. I wish I was posting about how I was trying to recreate the fun this year, or actually I wish one of my in-laws was doing it! But it just isn't going to happen this year. Too much going on. No Oscar Party for us.

But if YOU decide to have one, which I highly recommend, here are some links to help you out:

All things Academy at (get a list of all the nominees so that you can have your party goers make their guesses at who will win. You can even give your own award to the person that gets the most right.

A movie for each of the 5 best picture nominees. (or you could just make whatever you want and have dinner backwards, dessert, then the main course, then the salad, and appetizers...for Benjamin Button)

Game and decoration ideas from Cathie Filian.

Movie Night Snacks from Martha.

And a bunch of other ideas from One Pretty Thing.


Anonymous said...

No Oscars party here either!

Kristina P. said...

I've never been to one either, but they do sound like a lot of fun!

Christine said...

This sounds like a fun idea! Anytime or excuse to get together is always good for me!

Noelle said...

Guess what Lorie... the tradition lives on in Utah. We are hosting out first Academy Awards party tomorrow night. Costumes and all. Don't you wish you lived here!!!