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Candy Valentine Countdown

I found these cute heart shaped candy holders on Martha's site.

I love that they are hanging from ribbon. And I think they would make a fun countdown calendar for Valentine's Day!! Make 14 of them, hang them in a row and fill them with candy. Each day your kids (or you can eat the goodies in one of the hearts until they are all gone...and then it is Valentine's day and you can eat some MORE candy!!


You can find the step by step tutorial here. And it is SUPER easy!!


Kimmy said...

Those are so cute! They would get me into trouble though :o)

Anonymous said...

Very cute!

Ms. Witi said...

I love these! I already tried to make you and it is super easy! I am definitely going to make more.


Amy said...


Michelle said...

Loving all the Valentines idea's. I've actually done a few!

Jen @ said...

Very cute idea! I think I might eat all of the candy, though. Maybe I could fill them with something other than candy? Mmmmm, I'll have to see what I can come up with!

Thanks for the idea!


Anonymous said...

Very cute! Unfortunately my ginormous dogs would for sure find a way to get to those! ;)