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The Best Meatballs Ever

I can't believe that it is Super Bowl weekend and I haven't posted one thing about all the yummy party food you can make! Even if you hate football you should have party food on Sunday. Because you CAN!!

One of my FAVORITE party appetizers involves a VERY complicated family recipe. I am pretty sure it is supposed to be a family secret, but I will share it with you because I love you.

You start by going here:
and buying their frozen meatballs. The Kirklands brand in a big bag. Italian Style. They are YUMMY!

You could make your own, but buying theirs is MUCH easier! And it is part of the family recipe.

Once you have your meatballs you put about 2 lbs of them in here:

Add the entire bottle of this:

a cup of this:

and let them cook until the meatballs aren't frozen anymore.

Best meatball in the world! I promise!

This super secret family recipe can also be found on the Heinz site here. But instead of grape jelly, they use a can of this:

I am going to have to give that a try. But not this Sunday. Because I already bought the grape jelly!


Anonymous said...

The meatballs sound really good. I have to work tomorrow so no party for me. :o(

Unknown said...

We always do the grape jelly and spicy mustard one. I'm going to remember to try and do this one someday.

Insanitykim said...

Really looking forward to more recipe ideas!

And you have a button! I am stealing it! Yaeeeee! :)

Georgia Girl said...

I love those type meatballs but never heard of the cranberry sauce...but I will have to try that one weekend.

Letti said...

This recipe is the best. I love it and it is so easy. I use the grape jelly I think I will be maikng these on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm doing these for Cole's birthday party next weekend. Those meatballs also make excellent meatball subs with a 4 cheese jarred tomato sauce and some mozza on top.


Myrnie said...

Ooh, I had these at an honest to goodness cocktail reception in Alabama- waiters in tuxes, soft music, beaded dresses, the works! They were so good...I was SHOCKED when my great-aunt told me what was in the sauce!

Impulsive Addict said...

I love reading your blog for all these yummy favs and now I have a question. I am in need of a punch recipe for a baby shower. Do you have any ideas for me?

You can email me at

Thank you! I can't wait to try these meatballs!

Lorie said...

Oh do I have a punch recipe for you!!!

Megan said...

My mom made these for my nephew's birthday party and they rocked everyone's socks!! I'm trying to talk her into making them again really soon.