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Works for Me Wednesday: Can I Have a Snack

I am pulling one of my favorite tips out of my archives for Works for Me Wednesday!!

Last summer I instituted a new snack rule in our house. (I was about to poke my eyes out if I had to hear 'can I have a snack' one more time). It worked beautifully and saved my eyesight so that I can still look lovingly on my children as they sleep!

When my kids are going to be home all day (weekends, school holidays, vacation) we eat breakfast and then pick out our snacks for the day. They get three healthy snacks and one 'treat'. They pick them out, help me prepare them (wash fruit, peel veggies, etc.). We then put them in individual containers that are labeled with their name.

They are allowed to eat their snacks whenever they want to. They do not have to ask. (That is their favorite part...and mine too!!) But the catch is when they are gone they are gone!

It works BEAUTIFULLY for me!

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