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Some More Free Gift Tags

So last night I did something I have NEVER done before! Ever! I wrapped presents BEFORE Christmas Eve! I know. Shocking! I feel all organized!

So in honor of my achievement, here are some MORE free Gift Tags!

These are from Papercrave and you can download them HERE! Happy wrapping!


Kacey said...

You are a Saviour! I'm sad to admit it, but I forgot gift tags this year and I have been writing names with a Sharpie. Yes, its true. There should be some form of punishment for the ones that have already been shipped, but I'll print these and cover the other ones up! THANK YOU! LOL

Amy said...

Good for you! I think I have FINALLY finished all of my shopping. Time to finish wrapping!

ashley b said...

Thanks! Those are adorable. And high fives on the wrapping. I have been wrapping for two weeks, I swear. And I'm still not done.