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Snowman Pretzels

I will never get a job with a fun crafty magazine. Obvious cute ideas always allude me! I am a great copier of ideas (hence this blog) but not so great on coming up with them on my own! It isn't that I can't come up with them. I think I used to be a creative person. It is just I don't.

For example, we make chocolate dipped pretzels every year. EVERY year. And every year we decorate them with sprinkles or by drizzling different colored candy melts over them. Never ever, not ONCE, did I think of doing this:

How easy is this idea from Family Fun! So easy! I am such a goober!


Amy said...

So CUTE!!! My sister Lorie uses the word "goober" too.

Mrs. L said...

I love these little guys. So cute.

tiki_lady said...

i love love family fun! i must have missed these! I am going to do these! thanks!

Anonymous said...


Karies place said...

That would be a fun idea for next yr.

And my dd 5 is called "goober" by her older brother. She loves it!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I bet they are yummy too!