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Simple One Sheet Noise Makers

Who needs fancy noise makers? Pots and pans always worked for us! But if you don't want to send your pots and pans out into the cold, make some noise makers with tape, scissors, and a single piece of white paper.

These directions are from Family Fun. All you need to do is roll a sheet of office paper into a narrow tube. Start at one corner and wrap the paper around a pencil, then slip the pencil out. Secure the tube with tape.

Then pinch one end of the tube and snip it two thirds of the way across (see the picture below) to form a triangular flap. Fold up the flap so that it covers the end of the tube.

Then, instead of blowing, press on the flap so that it almost touches the opening. Gently inhale and release your finger. The flap will vibrate, making noise! You case there isn't enough noise at the party!

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