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New Years Party Hats

Party Hats are essential for New Years Eve. But why settle for the boring store bought cone hats?

Make some cute hats for your party goers.

These joker hats from Martha are easy peasy! You fold a piece of paper in half, top to bottom. Cut slits down from top (about an inch apart), stopping about 2 inches from bottom. You then curl the strips around a pencil. Staple the ends together and add some string to hold them in place!

Here are a couple more cute ideas from Martha:

Even if you don't want to wear them, make some and use them as a table decoration!


Queenie Jeannie said...

Cool stuff!!

Letti said...

I love the first one. I just wish my kids would wear

Lorie said...

Even if they won't wear them, make some! They are cute decorations!!

Mary said...

I love origami!! I used the origami boxes you posted awhile ago this year, and my friends were super impressed! Thanks!!

Kacey said...

GASP! If I turned this sideways it could be like a mohawk! Ryder's b-day is going to be a band theme since he's so in to drums and music right now. This would be an awesome b-day hat for him! You RoCk! Thanks for the idea!

Jan said...

So cute. I love it.