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Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

So, lets talk about mistletoe. I was going to be all cute and type out the origins of mistletoe, but I found a ton of different sites that each had different information. But I will tell you the information that they did have in common. The name mistletoe comes from two old English words, mistel and tan. Which pretty much means dung twig. Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that would live off of trees and it looked like bird poop. So romantic. This year I want you to tell everyone they have to kiss under the dung twig.

But leave it to Martha to make dung twig cute!

Like this ball made with floral foam:

Or this one made from three wreath forms:

And this one were you smoosh a wreath from into an oval:

But know, that if you do decide to use real mistletoe, it is poisonous so don't let little ones get ahold of it. Unless you want them to experience acute gastrointestinal problems including stomach pain and diarrhea, along with low pulse.

Sorry this post was so gross! I just couldn't get over all the not great stuff I found about mistletoe!!


Jan said...

Oh how I love mistletoe. The color and the sentiment. It is all good.

Kristina P. said...

We have a kissing ball in our doorway. My husband loves it. :)

Renee said...

We used to have mistletoe growing in our walnut trees and it was ugly! But I would still beg my husband to climb and get me some for parties. What a guy!

Amie said...

I literally snorted out loud reading this!

amy turn sharp said...

love it! xo

Anonymous said...

Here in NC we have this stuff growing in our Oak trees. Some people go out with their shotguns and try to shoot it out of the trees. I would not recommend this at all.... just think it's funny. Does that qualify as redneck?

Lorie said...

Liz, it reminds me of Steel Magnolias!

Amy said...

Dung twig! That is hilarious!