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New Years Spirit

Francesca tagged me with a New Years Eve Spirit Award. So if you love New Years (and I mean who wouldn't...and not just because it is my birthday or anything!) play along. Steal the picture, make a list of 5 things you like about New Years, tag some more people and let them know you tagged them!

5. It is my birthday.

4. I get to eat cake.

3. I get presents.

2. People sing to me.

1. I get to do whatever I want because it is my birthday.

Bwahahaha! Okay. I am kidding. A little! (but only a little!) I do like it because it is my birthday, so that has to be one of them.

But also I like fresh starts! I am the queen of waiting until Monday or the first of the month to start things. And of course New Years is the beginning of all beginnings. And when it falls on a Monday WATCH OUT!

My kids LOVE to stay up until midnight and I think it is so funny to watch them get so excited! They are just too cute!

For the past three years we have had the funnest New Years Eve party with our neighbors. Lots of food, lots of games, the kids making a lot of noise! Confetti and streamers and silly string. And it is at THEIR house! Bwahahahaha!

And the 5th thing I like about New Years this year... I am going to be 30! I am so excited to be 30! I am expecting really great things from this decade of my life.

I hope you all have a great New Years! If you play, leave a comment that you did and I will make sure to check out your list. And I will try not to be offended if you don't list my birthday as one of your favorite things!


Kacey said...

That is an awesome list! I love New Years too! But you have the BEST New Years since it is your birthday! Happy [Early} Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award! I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Amie said...

OK, so I'm a dork...I've been writing back and forth with you for months and I just realized I don't know what you look like. (Toni showed me that one pic in her wedding album a while ago but I've already forgotten) so which one is you in that picture?