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Easy Advent Calendars

I have seen a ton of cute do it yourself advent calendars. Socks, stockings, birds, mittens, trees, cookie sheets, matchboxes. This Christmas light one.

picture by elsiemarley

These cute little Christmas light come off the string and there are treats inside. I want one! But the problem is that it is already December 4th. And I don't know about you, but my house is still littered with storage boxes half filled with decorations that I need to take care of before I can even think about starting a project.

So I found a few easy ones that take little effort, but are cute and the kids will love! (Even the big kids!!)

Hide a little treat or a message inside a roll of colorful tissue paper tied up with a ribbon.

picture from scrumdilly-do

Joys of Home has a tutorial for this fun (and yummy) candy advent. Plastic wrap, some candies and some ribbon! Easy and quick and you probably already have everything you need. And they are so easy you could make one for each person in your home, so you don't have to fight over the candy.

If you have a nativity set, count the number of pieces you have and add one each night until until Christmas (putting baby Jesus in last of course!)

And don't forget the good old paper chain. You can spruce it up with some double sided scrapbook paper or you can use red and green construction paper. It is the one Lou La enjoys the most at our house. Because she gets to use her scissors everyday to cut off one of the links of the chain she made at school!
picture from Good Housekeeping

And don't worry that it is already December! Just do it for the days you have left. Or wait until the 12th and do the 12 days of Christmas. And don't forget the big people. Make one with little love notes for your hubby!


Kacey said...

Don't you just LOVE this time of year? I am SO on overload! But in a good way. :o)

Letti said...

I am loving the tissue paper rols. The colors are so vibrant.

rychelle said...

my cousin made me one with the hershey's kisses. she attached it to a heart shaped plaque that reads "how many days til kiss-mas".

Renee said...

These are great ideas! I especially love the nativity because it requires minimal effort and that's about all I have right now.

I love your blog.

Mary said...

Very cute!! I have yet to break out the holiday garb might just stay in a box this year.

Kelly O. said...

I love the love notes one! We do the candy advent every year and we usually wrap them in the green saran wrap to add a little Christmas color but the white and red looks cute too!

Amy said...

My mom has the hershey's kiss in plastic wrap one. We LOVED that when we were little. Liah came home from school with the good old paper chain, so that takes care of that for me. And I have a wall hanging that is an advent calendar. Good ideas.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of advent calendars...get this....

I'm a nanny and the neighbor kid's advent calendar everyday gives him an actual toy, like a $10-$20 gift...each day until Christmas....spoiled much???

tiki_lady said...

ok, i love your blog and I am now a follower!~