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Pinecone Garland

This Pinecone Garland from Country Home makes a great decoration for a serving area/buffet for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

What you need:
Hemp rope
Gold wire
Gold paint
Gold glitter
Assorted neutral ribbon
Wire cutter
Foam brush

1. Cut rope to desired length.
2. Twist gold wire around rope.
3. Cut wire into 8" lengths. (One per pinecone)
4. Wrap one end of wire length under top seed segments of pinecone, then bend it upwards like a stem. Repeat for all pinecones.
5. Brush gold paint onto a pinecones and then immediately sprinkle with glitter. Repeat for all pinecones. Allow to dry.
6. Attach pinecones to rope at two foot intervals using wire stem. Allow two inches of wire stem between the pinecone and the rope.
7. Cover wire stems with bows.


Anonymous said...

I have something similar to this for Christmas. And I actually use it on my dining room table. It does make a great accent.

Jillene said...

Very cute!! I would make it with the cinnamon scented pine cones--mmmmmm!!

Lorie said...

Liz, did you make your?

And cinnamon scented pine cones! I didn't even know there WAS such a thing!