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Chalkboard Plaque

Andrea at Big Creek Cottage made these cute chalkboards plaques with wood shapes she found at Hobby Lobby. I have seen similar ones at Wal-Mart and Michaels.

She worked chalkboard paint magic on them, but it is the holes she drilled to tie ribbon through that I LOVE! What an easy way to switch it out for different holidays! Some cute Fall ribbon now. Some Christmas Ribbon next month! I Love it!


Kacey said...

*GASP* I wish Michael's was open RIGHT NOW so I could go get the supplies to do this! What a fun little treat to give for Christmas too - and inexpensive. Loving it! You're on a roll tonight!

Anonymous said...

I like the ribbon going through them as well. These are very nice!

Renee said...

OK, so I don't want to comment on every post because that's freaky, but I'm totally doing this... what a great idea!!!