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Trick or Treat Bags

This year I am all about making Halloween fun and affordable. When it comes to holidays I am usually a push over for all of the stuff they want you to buy, but one thing I refuse to spend a lot of money on is a trick or treat bag. And every year, without fail, one of my kids wants the $7 trick or treat bag with their favorite character, or the $10 pail that matches their costume. The bag or pail that is going to go in the garbage along with the excess candy a week after Halloween. I just can't do it.

So in the spirit of keeping it fun and affordable, here are some cute ways to make a trick or treat bag of your own:

Felt is 20 cents a sheet. So with less than a dollar and a little time you could have this cute ghost bag:

HGTV has a few ideas that could be easily modified into something affordable (and are a cute craft project for your kids.

And if your little ones are too little to stitch foam or sew felt, buy a plain gift bag (you can usually find some at a dollar store) and let them go crazy with crayons, markers, or paint!

And if I could knit I just might make one of these for my kids. Or I would make it for myself and carry it around as a purse for the entire month of October.

You can find the pattern at The Purling Sprite.


Anonymous said...

I downloaded the candy corn bag last year I wasn't sure who to make it for what a great idea I will make it for me to carry around!!!

Staci said...

What cute bags! I wish I still had a little kiddo to go trick or treating!

Erin said...

How are we EVER gonna have time to make all the stuff we want to??? Just one more thing to add to the list!

Anonymous said...

Love the bags. I think you are right... the candy corn bag would make a really cute purse.

SuperCoolMom said...

Super cute! One year I made Bronson (many years ago) a Jack O Lantern can to collect his loot in. #10 can, painted orange, paint your cute pumpkin face on it. Drill some holes and stick a wire handle on it! Nothin' like getting a whole gallon of candy!

Unknown said...

What great ideas. I think this could work even for the least crafty among us. Some glue and Halloween paper cut out and pasted on a gift bag would make a great bag.

Trick or Treating said...

These are so sweet! Using felt would make them super affordable as well.