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Easy DIY Halloween Display

I found this on the Better Homes and Gardens site:

There is a lot of stuff I love about it. The witches hats. The spider web candles. But what I love the post are the frames. I wouldn't necessarily put the same things IN the frames...but it is a pretty neat idea. It reminds me of something my sister-in-law does ( should post a picture of your picture wall!!) She has a wall of frames that she changes the pictures out for each season/Holiday. They are pictures of her family, but they are pictures that match the season.

I might have to try something similar with words. Change them out to fit the season. Wouldn't that be fun.

Who am I kidding...remember that I am the one who has never put a nail in the wall of any house she has lived in. Sad...but true!

But maybe...just maybe...


Anonymous said...

I have always loved the photo collage look on walls. We collect art from a local NC artist and I can't convince my husband of this look.

Annie said...

stop being a wus and just do it girl! if you want, i will come over to your house and do it with you...i love putting nails in walls.

Erin said...

Ok, I think I'm actually going to attempt this kind of thing tomorrow including my portrait of the disney mansion...we'll see how it turns out!!