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Grandin Road

So I was looking around Halloween Haven at Grandin Road and I found this:

So you remember the post about this?

Love that witch! I didn't know that you could buy her already made! Of course they are sold out of the witch so I guess I will have to make my own next year! (and save myself $399!!)

If you keep looking around the site there are a LOT of other fun things to decorate your yard with (and possibly make yourself, just like the witch!)

I love these ghosts:

And I bet you could make them with a stake (or re bar) a styrofoam ball and white plastic/cloth/cheesecloth/tulle (and a little hot glue!!). Or since they are on sale you can buy a set of three for $29.99!

I am sort of in love with ghosts this year! And these are about as spooky as they come! Could you imagine trick-or-treating at a house with these puppies in the yard! And the wind blowing! And scary music in the background!

Looooooooooove it!


Kims Art said...

The witch is wonderful! You have so many ideas here. I just love the jar and book pumpkins. It has been so much fun visiting. Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

I really love that witch scene. I can't believe how expensive it is to purchase it. Someone could make that very cheaply! I also like the yard ghosts.

SuperCoolMom said...

Those are Great! I was at some girl's blog and she had actually made the whole witch scene! Really cute! (wish I could remember where I saw it.) I'm not big into the Halloween decorations. When I let the kids do that fake web crap on our bushes it's been about 6 months before all the little tufts are finally gone.

Anonymous said...

Love the ghost. Just got back from Hobby Lobby darn guess I will have to make another trip tomorrow ;)

fawndear said...

Thanks for sharing!
I love all the other ideas I get from fellow crafters.
Found you through Fanciful Twists Party.

Live.Love.Eat said...

I LOVE these little ghosts!!!!! They look so real. Friendly happy little ghosts dancing on my lawn. THAT would be fun!!!!!!!!!!

julietk said...

I am still working my way through Vanessa's party list and enjoying all the blogs :D I dont want to miss anyone out.
I enjoyed my visit. Hugs Juliet