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A fanciful Halloween Party

I am going, and I am inviting you!


Carrie said...

Okay, I've seen this a few times now today. Explain...please?

Lorie said...

Everyone that wants too posts some Halloween fun on their blog. You link to her and she will link to you. Then you get to go around the WWW and see everyones fun Halloween ideas!

This is from her blog:

As you may know, all you have to do is, have a little Halloween inspired event on your blog the day of the party, link to me, and I'll link to you. If you are joining the party let me know in comments or by e-mail. Make sure you let me know that you will be participating, and leave me your correct blog address so I can add you with correct info...

I will then make a special place in my sidebar a couple days before the party, with a list of everyone participating, and we can visit eachother's blogs on the day of the party.

Carrie said...

I see! Thank you for the explanation. :)