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Coming Clean: Tackle It Tuesday CLR Edition

If you remember this post, CLR is sponsoring Tackle it Tuesday (today) over at 5 Minutes for Mom. If you signed up they sent you a free sample of this:

And by free sample I mean a free full size bottle. Not some teeny tiny one time use sample. You use it, blog about it, and are entered to win a $100 prize! So you could possibly be paid $100 to clean your kitchen and bathroom! My kind of cleaning!

So this is the the portion of the post where I am glad my grandmother is 88 and doesn't have a computer! She would DIE if she saw this and she would kill me for showing it to the world! Ahhh! How times have changed! How the world wide web gives us the opportunity to air our dirty laundry (or bathrooms in this case) and humiliate ourselves. Such fun!

The first thing I tested the cleaner out on was my kitchen sink. My kitchen sink is black. It might be the dumbest color for a kitchen sink in all the whole wide world. Have you ever had a black car. And washed it. And didn't dry it off well enough. And it was covered in water spots. That is my sink:

It usually takes me half of a Magic Eraser and some elbow grease to get it cleaned up. So I thought I would give CLR a shot.

And this is what it looked like after:

I am seriously impressed with how well it worked (and how easy it was...not elbow grease required). And the smell is actually really nice. I was expecting it to be harsh, but it isn't. It has almost a sweet smell, but it still smells clean. That is important to me. I love the "I just cleaned my house and you can smell it" smell.

My second project was one that I have tried EVERYTHING on. I have even tried scrapping it with a razor!

This is the faucet in my mater bathroom:

See that annoying line of gunk around the bottom. Let me give you a close up:

Sorry, I know that was gross. I hope you weren't eating!

Now this took two treatments, but it worked! Which is more than I can say for the Magic Eraser, Comet, Soft Scrub, the razor, or anything else I have tried!!

Here is the after:
And a close up of the after so you can see that it really is gone:

And last but not least, the shower. We have a shower with a glass door. The bottom corner of the glass always gets NASTY with soap scum. It is a bad combination of being right under where were the soap and shampoo sits, and being the corner where I rest my foot when I am shaving my legs. See for yourself:

Here is an in progress. Look how nice and foamy thick it is! It sticks to the gunk instead of just running down the glass.

And here is the after. I seriously just wiped it away! WIPED IT AWAY! I usually have to scrub with Comet and then use Windex.

That is a picture taken from inside the shower looking out through the glass. All three of the pictures were taken that just couldn't SEE out the glass before!

So there you have it! This stuff pretty much rocks.


Live.Love.Eat said...

WOW. I love the before and afters. I would take your word over an infomercial anyday.

Brimful Curiosities said...

My 90 year old grandma would be appalled at my cleaning skills as well if see could see as good as she used to!

Gina said...

Your pics are great! I thought the smell was kind of funky, but it DOES work!

Anonymous said...

Pretty impressive! Nice!

Salsa Mama said...

Ok, the faucet one got me. We have the same problem and I canNOT get the stuff off!!! I may have to grab your bottle over the fence to try it out. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this info. I am always looking for cleaning products that actually work. I'll give this stuff a try.