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Where did my hour go?

I lost an hour today. An entire hour. I think I might have past out and not realized it. Or someone turned all the clocks ahead without me knowing it. Seriously! An hour disappeared.

I did everything the same as I do everyday. Take the boy to school. Head to the gym. Take a shower. At this point I usually have about an hour before I need to feed Lou La lunch before I send her to school. And this is the point at which I looked at the clock and I was 20 minutes late feeding Lou La lunch. We had a half hour to get her fed, get her ready and get her to school.

That hour is the hour that I get things done! That is MY hour. Hubby won't be home tonight until late, Lou gets out of school early and I have Scouts this afternoon. There is no wiggle room. No other time to get things done. (Well, except for right now. I guess I could do something right now, but I am eating my lunch!)

I want my hour back!

Please and Thank you.

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