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September 11, 2008

So I debated for a while if I would post anything about September 11th. What I remember about the day, where I was, how I felt. But what I remember is what everyone else remembers. How I felt is how everyone else felt. And where I was was where most people were, glued to their televisions watching what was going on. For a while we were all the same.

So I decided instead of talking about it, I am going to do something about it, and I think you should too. I am going to have a really great day. I am going to go out of my way to be a little kinder. I am going to spend more time just loving my kids. I am going to have a little fun and get some things done and have a day that I can look back on and smile about. I am going to have the type of day that terrorists don't want me to have and the kind of day that the victims of 9/11 deserved to have, but are not able.

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runrgirl said...

Amen, that's exactly the type of day I set out to have today. And exactly the kind of day I had. So glad to hear some other person in our country was doing the same. God bless you!