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One more from Martha - Costumes

I have no blogging juice in me today. So we are going to count on Martha for one more post!!

I have been working on the girls Halloween costumes. They are not done yet, but I will make sure to post them when they are. They are both going to be super cute witches with little Witch Tutus (orange, purple and green! SO CUTE!!)

So, even though I already know what my kiddos are going to be fore Halloween, I have still been looking online for cute costumes (It's fun!)

Here is one that I thought would be REALLY cute for a newborn baby that you were going to have to carry around on Halloween:

A spider and Mom web! So fun!

Here is a great idea for a mom!! (especially if you have a little boy that happens to have a few toy snakes lying around!)

She also has other no sew ideas like a Tulle ghost (I might actually do this one!) and a garbage bag witch (I think I used that idea in the 6th Grade!) AND my favorite...a pretty clever Jelly Fish! You can check them out here.


Sheri said...

Halloween costumes! One more reason I'm glad I only have a 4 legged "kid"! I have NO creativity at all. Have you seen the pumpkins with ribbon on them? I think they're adorable!

Thanks for dropping by . . . visit anytime!

Anonymous said...

I like the Medusa (sp?!) one a lot! I wonder if I could do the spider web one with me and one of my dogs since I don't have kids! hehe