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Halloween Pops Take 2

These are brownie pops from Browniepops. But these would work with Oreo truffles or cake truffles. Or I could figure out how to make brownie pops!!


Stonefox said...

Wow, you've got some great stuff on here! I've found a couple things I like!

Are those pictures below of your kids? So cute!

Annie said...

oh my i saw that too....i think you must make for the halloween party?

Lorie said...

There are pictures of my kiddos on here somewhere, but the little blonde girls with the bows are actually my cousins kids.

But I would steal them if I could!

Lorie said...

Annie, we ARE going to make those for the Halloween party. No thinking about it! We may have to start on October 1!!

denise @ little ant design said...

These would look great on the Amy Atlas table I posted about at

Let me know if you figure this our with brownies. Would you just shaped them into a flat ended ball?