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Cloth Pumpkins...since I sew now!

Bwahahaha! I am a little addicted to sewing at the moment. And no, I am not any good, but it is fun! So I have been looking for some Fall/Halloween stuff to sew. If I don't find something cute to keep me busy I might attempt to make my son's Halloween costume! And I am pretty sure that what I would sew would not be what he had in mind to dress-up in! So to save my son from having to wear a costume ala me, here are some cute things that I may or may not attempt to sew:

A tutorial for these cute fabric pumpkins from Schlosser Designs:

And these which are my FAVORITE:

You can find the tutorial and many many cute pictures of these pumpkins at Holly's blog, Sunshine In My Soul (scroll down half way through this page for the pumpkins).

These from Blissful Living are beautiful, but no tutorial. I don't imagine they would be much different than the others:

And we can't leave out the felt:

Here is a free pattern for mini felt pumpkins from Pattern Bee.

I am pretty sure if I were to use this pattern with some velvet I would end up with something that looks similar to the above velvet pumpkins. Well, I might not, but someone whose first sewing accomplishment didn't occur yesterday would probably make something that looks like those cute velvet pumpkins.

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Michelle said...

Holly's pumpkin bags are to DIE for. I love fall....I would leave my fall decor up all year long if I could.