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Why does Ikea hate me?

So I finally find something that is the right color, it is made for the shelves I have and I think it will work.

I have been looking for boxes/baskets to hide some of the stuff on the book shelf in the family room. Like Wii controllers, Wii games, mostly Wii stuff that is really esthetically pleasing!

And of course they are out of the brown and beige. The two colors that I want. They have dark green, red and dark blue! :P

Doesn't Ikea know that I don't shop often. And that when I am in the mood to buy something I need to fill the need quickly before it dies. I have looking for baskets since January. Ikea missed another opportunity at getting my money! It will probably be 8 more months before I get a bug in my ear to look for baskets again!


Anonymous said...

You might check their web site. Stuff like that you can usually buy online.

Lorie said...

Yeah, that is where I found them (on their site) but they are for in store purchase only. See, I told you they hate me! ;D