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Flip Flop Dress Up

This weekend is my niece's 3rd birthday party. Once again we were stuck trying to figure out what to get the girl that has everything. We have to ask that question a lot in my family. To put it nicely, my family has a habit of showing their love with things. Don't get me wrong. They show it in other ways too. And I can't pretend that my children don't have too many toys as well. We are not immune to this disease. It is genetic. It doesn't help that I have an aversion to getting rid of anything that was a gift. I am trying to change. I am considering therapy. ;D

Anyway, back to my niece! She is obsessed with shoes. She will take off her own and steal any pair she can find. Too big or too small. Pretty or not. She loves shoes. Because this is a common addiction among little girls, I thought I would share this gift idea.

I was going to go and buy her dress up shoes. You know, the Disney Princess set that makes the great clomping sound when you walk in them. My daughter loves hers. But because she loves them she always wants to wear them. Around the house. To the post office. To school. I am sure my niece would be the same way. Not to mention that she has stairs in her house, so just wearing them at home could be hazardous to her health.

So I thought I would make some dress up shoes that she could wear up the stairs, to the grocery story, or anyplace else she felt like wearing them.

All you need is a trip to Old Navy and an obnoxious stash of scrapbook supplies and you should be all set! But seriously, there are a TON of things around the house you could use to make some cute Dress Up Flip Flops.

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Unknown said...

Yeah! You posted one of your own projects on your blog! Great job!