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Dying Pasta

I am going to have to do this for Lou La! She loves to do crafty things and I bought a bunch of fun pasta shapes that she can use to make necklaces. These colors would make it so much more fun!

I got the idea at tutus and turtles.

What you need:

1. food coloring
2. dried pasta (any kind)
3. rubbing alcohol
4. ziploc bags

How you do it:

1. place noodles in ziploc bag. double bag or place in a tupperware bowl in case of leaks.
2. completely cover the noodles with rubbing alcohol
3. mix in food coloring
4. let the noodles sit to absorb color
(the longer they sit, the deeper the color. I left mine over night)


Amie said...

cool! I like it!

Ruth Ann said...

Thanks so much for the idea! I was at Joann's crafts the other day and saw a small box of dyed pasta for $6.99! I was in shock! I knew that it would be much easier to make it myself! Thanks for sharing these wonderful directions! Have a great weekend!
-Ruth Ann