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Brownie Roll Out Cookie Recipe Review

I posted the recipe for these yummy looking brownie oll out cookies a while ago.
Well I FINALLY got around to making them today! If you like brownies and you like sugar cookies you are going to love these! They are goo-ood!

What I did right:
I kept them on the thicker side when I rolled them out. The texture is a lot like a brownie, so thicker is better. The recipe suggests 1/8-1/4 inch thick. Mine was more like 1/3 of a inch thick. 10-12 minutes in the oven. And no frosting. But these would DEFINITELY make a yummy ice cream sandwich!!

What I should have done:
The directions call for you to bake them on parchment. I didn't, and I should have. Not because they are hard to get off the pan, but because they are pretty delicate until they set up. So when you are trying to transfer them to a wire rack to cool they tend to break. It would be much easier to pick up the entire sheet of parchment and slide it onto a wire rack.

They were super easy and definitely something you should try! My only complaint about the recipe (more a pet peeve) is that they tell you to preheat the oven at the very beginning (like all recipes do) and then the last direction is to let the dough chill for an hour. Yeah, um then WHY DID I PREHEAT MY OVEN! I actually caught this before I preheated, but usually I don't. So make sure NOT to preheat your oven! ;D

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